When I was around 18 months old I became very ill, my parents noticed I'd lost a lot of weight, I kept being sick and my stomach started to become swollen. My parents took me to the doctors immediately, unfortunately our regular doctor wasn't available and as such I saw a couple of different doctors - all of which said it could be some sort of stomach bug.

Still unhappy with the diagnosis my parents eventually managed to see our regular doctor, who I'm told, got straight onto the phone with the hospital asking them to admit me immediately.

While at hospital the doctors couldn't tell what was wrong with me, they ran test after test checking off what I didn't have. After about a week or so one doctor had a hunch it could be Coeliac disease so I was scheduled for a biopsy, (nowadays there's a blood test which can give an early indication but this wasn't available back then). The results came in and confirmed what the doctor had thought - I was a coeliac!

The doctors told my parents I'd have to be put onto a strict gluten-free diet which didn't really phase them, my Dad told me his initial thoughts were: "Natural food, fruit and veg all the way!" - apparently the hospital didn't share the same mindset as they served me breaded fish fingers after I'd been diagnosed!

Having been a coeliac for pretty much my entire life then, I've learned a few things about what it takes to live with a gluten-free diet; foods to avoid, recipes and alternatives. It hasn't always been plain sailing, there have definitely been a few mishaps along the way but all in all it's worked out pretty well.
That's why I've decided to restart Going Gluten Free - I hope to pass on some of what I know to others.