* This post mentions gluten-free oats, some coeliacs can still have issues with oats, read more about gluten-free oats and consult your GP if you're unsure.

One of the most frustrating things about buying gluten-free food, other than the astronomical cost, is the size of everything. Everything is so small.

Loaves of bread are about half the size, bags of pasta and spaghetti max out at around 500g, breakfast cereals, oats, and muesli rarely go above 450g. It doesn't stop there, although it's great to have a gluten-free option in Pizza Express now, why is it a lot smaller than the regular base?

It's expensive, and more importantly it's incredibly wasteful - take Tesco's free-from range for example, their pasta, oats, muesli, and bread; are all packaged in non-recyclable plastic packaging.

non-recyclable plastic packaging

This unsustainable model and lack of bulk alternatives has set me on a path to find alternatives. Starting with the product I buy most of: oats.

A quick google, resulted in a couple of options:
https://plasticfreepantry.co.uk/ - this seems like a great option for buying not just gluten-free food, but other staples too! There's also discounts for buying multiple batches which is very welcome indeed. I haven't tried this option yet as their gluten-free oats were out of stock, however, it's definitely one to keep for the future.

A more bulk option I found is https://www.glebefarmfoods.co.uk/ - and when I say bulk, I really mean bulk! The bags of oats start at 5kg and go all the way up to 25kg! They're sent out in paper sacks, which although still not ideal from an environmental perspective, the bulk size and lack of plastic is definitely a step in the right direction.

Know of any other bulk places? Let me know on Twitter!