With Summer well and truly under way I'd usually be cracking out the cider to go along with those gluten-free burgers at the BBQ.

Now there's a new drink in town! Daura Damm gluten-free beer suitable for coeliacs.

I had my friends and family try a sip and the feedback was pretty much: "it tastes just like a regular lager" so it certainly passes the non-coeliac test. Perhaps explains why it's won so many awards!

The beer does actually contain malted barley yet it's still suitable for coeliacs because the gluten is filtered to less than 3 parts per million (Less than 20 parts per million of gluten is deemed suitable for coeliacs according to the codex alimentarius standards)

gluten-free beer Daura Damm

Daura is certainly crisp and refreshing, and it's great to see gluten-free beer becoming available in the supermarkets, but at £6 for 4x330ml it's still just a tad expensive. I think I'll be sticking with cider for the time being!

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