When I was younger all I wanted for breakfast was wheat biscuits, you know the kind. I’d look on in envy at my brothers as they filled their bowls with as many as possible trying to show off.

FINALLY there’s a gluten free option in the form of NutriBrex (previously called Nutribix):

gluten free wheat biscuits

Made from something called Sorghum which is naturally gluten free, the consistency is bang on, layered and flaky, perfect for soaking up all the milk in the bowl.

They’re tasty without having an overwhelming flavour, a characteristic of regular wheat biscuits I’m told, so another plus point there! Personally, I add blueberries and drizzle honey over them to give it that extra flavour boost.

If you’re after a new gluten-free breakfast be sure to give NutriBrex a go, and check out their Instagram for some really nice recipe ideas.