"Can we send you some gluten free Kabuto Noodles?" the email read, well I just had to accept such a gracious offer!

Sure enough, the good folks over at Kabuto Noodles were true to their word, a week or so later I received a box of 6 of their gluten free noodle pots.

kabuto noodle pots gluten free

Not all the Kabuto noodle range is gluten-free so be sure to check the packet! The gluten-free pots are clearly marked and come in two flavours: Chicken Pho & Vegetable Laksa; both of which use rice noodles instead of wheat noodles.

First of all I love the copy and design of the pots, plenty of samurai references to make you smile.

I opted for the Vegetable Laksa; stuck the kettle on, followed the instructions, and in minutes I had a mouthwatering aroma filling the kitchen and a bowl of noodles ready to tuck into:

kabuto noodle pots gluten free

The noodles cooked through perfectly in minutes and the broth was lovely, full of flavour with a decent kick of spice. They'd be a perfect snack on a wintery day to warm you up!

I'm yet to try the Chicken Pho pot, if it's as nice as the Vegetable Laksa then I'm in for a treat!