First of all, let's take a moment to appreciate the brilliant name of "Pieminister" - I really think they should look at supplying pies to the prime minister. It needs to happen.

Anyway, back to pies! I follow the Pieminister team on twitter and through an accidental mention I found out they've not only increased their range of gluten free pies, they're also available from Waitrose and Ocado!

I wanted to double check on the manufacturing process of the pies to see if they're suitable for Coeliacs as well as just being gluten free (i.e: no cross contamination), so sent a quick email to the company to ask about how the pies were produced.

I received a very helpful response from Charlotte stating that:

"Our gluten free pies are made in a separate kitchen from our classic pies so as to ensure there is no cross contamination. They are made in line with the strict gluten free regulations and are also approved by Coeliac Society UK."

Wonderful to hear! I mentioned that it would be useful to show this information on the website and within the hour I had another email saying they'll be updating the site with some extra information above their gluten free pie range.

An excellent response that's put my Coeliac mind at ease and convinced me to buy a box of gluten free pies to tuck into!

Have you tried them? Let me know what you think via Twitter @_goglutenfree