I've written about the gluten-free pies from Pieminister before, I was in touch with them to see if their pies were coeliac friendly (they are!).

So now I've actually tried them!

gluten free pies pieminister

There's three flavours to choose from:

  1. Gluten Free Moo British beef steak & gluten free craft ale pie
  2. Gluten Free Heidi Somerset goat’s cheese, sweet potato, spinach & red onion pie
  3. Gluten Free Heidi Free range British chicken & Wiltshire ham pie with Leek & thyme

Naturally, I had to try all three, couldn't resist really they all looked so good.

The verdict

You can really tell that Pieminister have been making pies for a long time, I could write a blog post entirely about the filling alone, the flavour combinations in all three of the pies was absolutely spot on. The Gluten Free Moo was my favourite I think, chocked full of succulent beef steak in a thick sumptuous gravy, perfect for a good hearty meal! Utterly delicious.

Gluten-free pastry is notoriously difficult to get right, yet the Pieminister pies seem to have hit on a winning recipe; delicious, short, crunchy pastry that held its shape when cooked. What more could you ask for?

gluten-free pie pastry

As part of the taste test, I had my family try the pies too. There's really not much higher praise for a gluten-free product than: "It tastes as good, if not better than a regular pie!".

I'd definitely recommend the whole range, easily the best gluten-free pies on the market.

The pies are available from some Waitrose/Sainsbury's stores, and online at Ocado. Last time I checked the gluten-free pies are only available in some of their restaurants (they're looking at rolling out further though!)