I visited York last weekend with a couple of friends of mine, first job on the todo list was to find a brunch spot with gluten free options, a nightmare of a train journey had left me feeling properly hungry.

Luckily, as I walked round the corner to meet my friends I noticed a small chalkboard in the window of cafe la tazzina at said "served on gluten free bread" - winner!

The cafe is situated right on the corner just down from one of the gates to the city, it's a small spot so I imagine at peak times you may struggle for a seat but the food would be worth the wait. I opted for the eggs Benedict with Parma ham, on gluten free bread of course, which was absolutely delicious. The portion was also a very decent size, so much so it pretty much sustained me for the entire day while we took in the sights of York.

Really recommend this place if you're after a good gluten free breakfast!