Searching for lunch in Budapest we just happened to find Mozsar Kaveso, a quick glance at the menu outside and I was pleasantly surprised to find little gluten-free icons next to certain dishes. Result!

gluten-free menu budapest

First of all the staff were incredibly welcoming, I was part of a larger group so we had to switch some tables around which they were more than happy to help with.

Then the food. My word the food! Plenty of gluten-free options and even if a dish wasn't listed as being gluten-free the staff would suggest changes to make a new dish.

I was in Budapest for 10 days and just kept coming back here, I think my favourite dish was the zucchini and salmon salad, a fantastic tangy and refreshing lunch:

gluten free lunch budapest

But it's so hard to choose a favourite really, the breakfast omlette was also delicious, and the chicken on a bed of millet was absolutely delicious too! A great place for gluten-free food in Budapest.

mozsar kaveso budapest