In my recent travels to London I really fancied a burger and chips one night. You know when you get a craving for a particular dish? Well yea I had a proper craving for a good gluten-free burger.

I did a quick Google and found that Honest Burger offered a gluten-free bun. I sent a group message round to a few London friends asking if any of them had been, and instantly had a flurry of responses saying we should go.

How could I argue with that?

We made our way to the Soho branch which is really quite a small space, and unfortunately there was about an hour wait. Having said that, the waiting list system was really quite good, with realtime updates as to our position in the queue. This meant we could nip down the road for a drink and not have to worry about being late for our table.

When we did manage to get in, the food was absolutely wonderful. The gluten-free bun certainly didn't disappoint, and what's more each burger comes with complementary rosemary salted chips which were properly delicious.

If you're on the hunt for a gluten-free burger then definitely check a branch of Honest Burger out. Top notch food!