Still full from the suzette gluten free galettes I started to walk around the block and just so happened to stumble upon a completely gluten-free bakery!

gluten-free bakery berlin

Jute was a goldmine for gluten-free baguettes, rolls, and loaves - all 100% gluten-free, I just wanted to buy everything in there! In the end I opted for two different types of baguette, a welcome snack for the journey back to the airport.

Paying also gave me a chuckle when I spotted this on the back of the till:

gluten-free cartoon

I dubbed the area just down from the U2 Eberswalder Str. station the "gluten-free triangle" - seems like a great area filled with coeliac friendly places.

Definitely check it out if you're in Berlin.

jute gluten free bakery