Having just ticked off "Walk up Arthur's Seat" from my Edinburgh to-do list I was absolutely famished.

Luckily, the next thing on my list was to check out Loudons Cafe for a hearty lunch! And my word, did they deliver! I opted for the superfood pancakes which were wonderful; a gluten and dairy free pancake stack layered with delicious houmous, black bean salsa, all drizzled with a scrumptious herb oil. All washed down with a perfectly made latte.

The cafe space itself is bright and airy, the busy kitchen on show proving how freshly made the dishes are. A special thank you to the staff too, everyone was super friendly and polite. I wanted to stay there for the afternoon and try everything on the menu!

This place is a definite one to check out if you're in Edinburgh and in need of a gluten-free lunch/brunch spot. They're very switched on in terms of allergy requirements, this from their website was a good sign: "We aim to give better choice: especially where certain food intolerences or allergies are an issue. Gluten free bread and cakes are a speciality, we always have a gluten free soup option too - so if you are coeliac you should find something to suit."

A wonderful experience all round.