This was the second stop on my tour of Seville, a great little Tapas bar with a mouthwatering selection of food.

As we walked in the kitchen staff were just about getting ready to close up (Siesta time!) but they were more than happy to accommodate us.

The coeliac menu (sin gluten) annotates the regular menu showing which dishes contain gluten, the staff were also very happy to explain which dishes were OK.

In the end we opted for a beetroot dish with strawberries, goats cheese, and crushed pistachios. Easily one of the nicest beetroot dishes I've ever had, so refreshing, had to tell my dad about it when I got back, he loves growing beetroot in the garden.
We also had Bacalao (cod) that came with peas and a really moreish parsnip mash. To finish things off we went for a flame grilled chicken dish.

All of it was absolutely delicious, well needed late lunch!