Pizza just had to be on the menu while I was in Italy, luckily for me the first place that pops up on Google when searching for “gluten-free trieste” is Peperino Pizza! I just had to check it out.

gluten-free pizza trieste italy

I decided to keep things simple and chose the Margherita with buffalo mozzarella, when it arrived it looked so good I actually had to double check with the staff to make sure it was gluten-free! I’m not used to gluten-free pizzas looking that tasty.

The base was one of the best gluten-free pizza bases I’ve ever had. It was thin and crispy round the edges without being too tough, and had a spongy centre that held together really well. Delicious.

The sauce was quite different to the pizzas I’ve had in the UK, which usually have a more concentrated tomato sauce, this one was chopped fresh tomatoes and had more of a passata texture. It was so moreish, definitely required a knife and fork though, surprised I didn’t get it all over myself ha!

I went back a few times during my stay in Trieste, each time the staff were lovely, a great experience all round! Definitely recommend for gluten-free pizza in Italy.

The pizzas are all cooked in a wood fired oven so it’s quite difficult to avoid cross contamination. If in doubt, there's a couple of other options on the menu that are listed as gluten-free which may be a better option.