UPDATE: I visited Pho again and noticed the menu had changed slightly, the spring rolls were no longer gluten-free :(

Pho got in touch to say their supplier, unfortunately, has changed their recipe and the spring rolls are no longer gluten-free. Sad times.

There's still a lot of dishes that are gluten-free, any non-gluten free options are now clearly marked with a *

I’m not sure why I’d never had Vietnamese food before, considering it’s heavily based on rice it’s pretty much all gluten free! So I was excited to finally visit Pho in Manchester’s new Corn Exchange.

Looking through the menu I saw the holy grail of gluten-free eating out:

gluten-free menu pho manchester

A completely gluten free menu (apart from the beers and one dessert!) but it’s close enough. I was spoilt for choice, something which doesn’t happen very often for Coeliacs. After much deliberation I went for the Bún vermicelli noodles with pork spring rolls (never had a gluten-free spring roll before!)

The service was fantastic, in no time at all our food arrived at the table, a more than generous bowl of noodles, bean sprouts, salad, and the delicious gluten-free pork spring rolls:

pho gluten-free vietnamese in manchester

Once I tucked in, I didn’t stop until the bowl was empty, it really was that good. Packed full of flavour and spice, deliciously soft noodles soaked in the warming broth, and the spring rolls just topped it all off: crispy, not greasy, and filled with melt in the mouth pork. I could’ve easily ordered more of the spring rolls for sure!

I think this place is going to become a regular spot for me, I just have to try all the different gluten-free options! The food is delicious, the service was great, and it’s all really well priced too.

A perfect option for coeliacs.