I'd done a bit of research on places to eat before coming to Berlin, one place mentioned on the excellent Glutenfrei Berlin site was this place: Suzette Creperie. I just had to check it out.

suzette gluten free berlin

First off the staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful, the lunch menu was still available so I opted for the galette with everything on it: egg, emental cheese, and ham - along with a green salad, all washed down with a lovely cup of cider (seemingly the only place in Berlin that does cider!)

I had a rough idea of what a galette was but truth be told I didn't expect the size of it! Ample lunch for one person:

gluten free galette berlin

I loved it, the galette was crisp, with a gooey egg and cheese filling that really hit the spot. The cider was a welcome treat too.

Apparently traditional "Breton galette's" are all made from buckwheat flour which is naturally gluten-free, so it's one to watch out for in other places (always double check though!).

All in all a wonderful lunch that really hit the spot.